How to Start and Make Money in Cryptocurrency

How to Start and Make Money in Cryptocurrency

This course (we call it Course 1) is for beginners or newbies who are thinking of how to start their own cryptocurrency journey. It’s an amazing course that will take you from how to start, to how to trade, and to how to make money in cryptocurrencies. Click here to chat with us if you’re interested or ready to subscribe to the course.

In Course 1, you will learn…:

  • What cryptocurrency is and some of its terminologies
  • The history of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • How to open and do your KYC in different centralized exchanges
  • Hoe to open and use different decentralized exchanges like Trust Wallet
  • How and where to spot newly listed coins and hot gems that will do 10X or more
  • How to buy, sell, trade, and swap cryptocurrencies in some exchanges and wallets
  • How to successfully transfer your cryptocurrencies from one exchange/wallet to another
  • How to create and use stop-limit or stop-loss orders in different exchanges
  • How to spot, identify, and avoid different types of cryptocurrency scams
  • How to keep your coins, wallets, and exchanges safe from crypto hackers
  • Special Bonus 1: You will receive a list of 10 coins that will give you profits this year
  • Special Bonus 2: You will be added to a private group where you can ask questions

If you have little or no knowledge of how to trade and make money in cryptocurrencies, then you need to subscribe to Course 1. Click here to chat with us now. Once you subscribe, we will add you to our own private community where we share daily crypto news, updates on various crypto projects, coins to monitor or buy, tips on how to make more money in cryptocurrencies, and you will also have the opportunity to network with other cryptocurrency traders and investors in our community. Chat with us now!

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