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Cryptocurrency trading is now one of the surest, fastest and sweetest means of earning dollars online. In fact, you can earn dollars on a daily basis if you have a smartphone, some capital (can be as low as $100), and the required knowledge or information. You can also research, invest in a few of the very strong cryptocurrencies, and hold them for the medium to long term to build wealth.

The world is gradually moving toward cryptocurrency adoption and the people that will benefit the most from this move are those that know how to trade in cryptocurrencies. We want you to be among those that will benefit and that’s why we are recommending this course so you can start learning now. This amazing course will teach you how to trade and make money in cryptocurrencies. You will understand technical analysis and the things that will help you become a professional futures trader.

Here’s what you will learn once you subscribe to the course:

  • What cryptocurrency is and its history
  • How the blockchain technology works
  • What are bitcoin, altcoins, and shitcoins
  • How to register and use cryptocurrency exchanges
  • How to create and use cryptocurrency wallets
  • Understanding different types of cryptocurrency networks
  • How to transfer coins from one wallet/exchange to another
  • Understanding spots, futures, peer-to-peer, and arbitrage trading
  • What is a limit order, market order, stop limit, and OCO
  • How to use a limit order, market order, stop limit, and OCO in spots trading
  • How to use a limit order, market order, stop limit, stop market, and trailing stop in futures trading
  • How to use candlestick analysis and patterns, chart patterns, and trendlines in futures trading
  • How to use timeframe analysis, support and resistance, and order block in futures trading
  • How to use supply and demand, analysis finale, and psychology in futures trading
  • What fundamental analysis is plus understanding of tokenomics
  • Understanding decentralized finance (DeFi) and how to make money with DeFi
  • Understanding NFT, how to mint and list an NFT, and how to make money with NFTs
  • Understanding the metaverse and how to make money from some metaverse coins

That’s not all. You will enjoy some special bonuses once you subscribe to the course:

  • Special Bonus 1: You will be added to a private community where you will enjoy free mentorship, airdrops, and the opportunity to network with other traders
  • Special Bonus 2: You will have special access to a signals room and you can start making money with the signals while learning
  • Special Bonus 3: You will discover how to get access to some crypto jobs (different from trading) and there are jobs you can do from the comfort of your home

This powerful course is worth over ₦200,000 considering the special knowledge, bonuses, and benefits you will gain from it. However, you won’t be charged that amount and not even ₦100,000. You can subscribe to this amazing course for just ₦75,000 ($133) only.

Price will increase to ₦100,000 soon

Cryptocurrency trading is not for everyone neither is the Full Cryptocurrency Ultimate Course. It’s only for those who want to learn how to be earning dollars online through buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It’s only for those who are serious about their financial freedom and want to multiply their streams of income.

If you want to be in control of your financial future and want to learn how to trade and make money in cryptocurrencies, then you need to subscribe to this course now. You can trade and make money in cryptocurrencies from almost any country around the world so what you will gain from this online course is money-making knowledge that you can use to survive in most countries.

Price will increase to ₦100,000 soon

Once you subscribe to this course and have some capital ready (you can even start with $50 if you wish), you can start earning immediately from the FREE signals you will be receiving in the private community.

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