Crypto’N’Cruise was created to let people know that you can invest in cryptocurrencies, build generational wealth with your crypto portfolio, and cruise to a fulfilled crypto lifestyle in the future. You can start investing in cryptocurrencies today, accumulate more crypto assets over time, build a strong cryptocurrency portfolio, use the portfolio to start your family’s generational wealth, and cruise to a fulfilled and amazing crypto lifestyle in the future. 

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, our goal has gone beyond just buying, selling and trading of cryptocurrencies to make profits. We are now thinking and strategizing on how we can be accumulating strong crypto assets regularly, continuously invest them in some of the best DeFi wallets, leave and compound them in those wallets for medium to long-term, earn interest rewards and passive income from our crypto assets, build a strong cryptocurrency portfolio over time, and cruise around the world teaching people how to build generational wealth with cryptocurrencies.

We will post articles on our blog that will give you tips, ideas and insights on how to invest, how to develop a long-term investment mindset, the best places to stake different cryptocurrencies, how to earn passive income from your cryptocurrencies, how to compound your interests, and how to live a fulfilled crypto lifestyle.


Jerry Ihejirika is the founder of the Crypto’N’Cruise and Ginax Store. He’s an Importer, Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency Investor, NFTs holder, Blogger, and Affiliate Marketer. One of the main reasons Jerry created this blog is so you can tap from his wealth of knowledge and experiences in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, and follow his crypto journey.

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This blog, news, and the posts in it are NOT financial nor investment advice. The blog was created for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you need financial or investment advice, contact a certified financial or investment advisor, respectively.

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